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Mechanical Engineering

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Mechanical engineering is an evergreen discipline that involved in the application of basic science and mathematical principles to design, analyze, manufacture, and maintenance of mechanical systems. Mechanical engineers work across a huge variety of industries. Mechanical engineers are in the design, manufacture and maintenance of things ranging from a small safety pin to a giant ship. It is one of the oldest branches of engineering, it is also one that continues to change and grow with the advancements in technology making it a vibrant and exciting career path even to this day. The total number of engineers employed in the U.S. in 2015 was roughly 1.6 million. Of these 17.28% were mechanical engineers, the largest discipline by size.

The department is equipped with academically sound and experienced faculty specialized in various areas of mechanical engineering. The department is provided with state of are laboratories and software. In addition to the regular curriculum we conduct programs like add-on training programs on drafting, solid modelling, etc., Industrial visits, Seminars, Hands-on workshops on latest technologies to enhance the skills of the students to meet the demands of the industry. We also train the students from the campus placements perspective, which brings out their best and enrich them.


To become a centre of excellence and to produce high quality, self-motivated, creative and ethical engineers and technologists, contributing effectively to universal science and contemporary education.


1. To impart high quality Mechanical engineering education and Professional ethics to students.

2. To adopt the best pedagogical methods in order to maximize knowledge transfer.

3. To have adequate mechanisms to enhance understanding of implementation of theoretical concepts in practical scenarios.

4. To carry out high quality research leading to the creation of knowledge and of intellectual property.

5. To provide the best facility, infrastructure, and environment to its students, researchers and faculty members, creating an ambience conductive for excellence in technical education and research.


The Department is equipped with 12 Labs with state of art experimental facilities catering both academic and research requirements.

  • Mechanics of Solids Lab

  • Metallurgy Lab

  • Production Technology Lab

  • Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulics Lab

  • Theory of Machines Lab

  • Machine Tools Lab

  • Thermal Engineering Lab

  • Heat Transfer Lab

  • Metrology & Instrumentation Lab

  • CAD/CAM Lab

  • Mechatronics Lab

  • Engineering Workshop


Name of Faculty
Dr. M.Vijaya Sekhar Babu
Vice Principal & HOD
Mr. K. L. Narsimha Murty
Associate Professor
Mr. A. V. Sridhar
Associate Professor
Mr. K. Durga Nagabhushanam
Assistant Professor
Ms. K. Divya Teja
Assistant Professor
Mr. P. Vipin Raj
Assistant Professor
Mr. S. Rajesh Kumar
Assistant Professor
Mr. T. Mani Babu
Assistant Professor


Many of our mechanical engineering students were pursuing higher education in International and National Universities. Many students were also got placed in top software and core industries. Some of the recruiters are

  • Tata Consultancy Services

  • Infosys

  • Virtusa

  • Wipro

  • HCL

  • Hyundai

  • TechMahindra

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