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This is the day we graduated, with lots

Humanities & Basic Sciences

Established in 2007, the Department of Humanities and Basic Sciences imparts foundational knowledge in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, and English for Engineering education. Embracing the ethos of science and technology, the department believes that Engineering and Science inherently embody humanistic and socially derived principles. With a cadre of experienced faculty, the department is dedicated to nurturing a comprehensive understanding of these fundamental subjects.

English, being a global language, is integral to all aspects of life. Proficiency in English is paramount in the contemporary world. The department, equipped with adept faculty, a well-equipped language laboratory, and necessary infrastructure, ensures effective language skill development.

As the queen of sciences, Mathematics serves as the bedrock for all branches of Science, Engineering, and Technology. It provides a logical expression for complex ideas through equations and formulae, essentially functioning as a language to address intricate problems.

Physics, delving into the mysteries of nature, utilizes well-equipped laboratories for experiments involving light and various forms of energy. Chemistry, pivotal in manufacturing processes and environmental preservation, contributes to understanding material transformations and addressing global pollution concerns.

Recognizing the interconnectedness of science and engineering, the department advocates for a seamless merger, fostering interdisciplinary subjects. Introducing research work even at the undergraduate levels aims to cultivate a new generation of professionals and researchers poised to address evolving challenges.

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