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Computer Science Engineering


The Computer Science Engineering department initiated its B.Tech Programme in 2005 with an initial intake of 60 students, which has since expanded to 180 from 2023 onwards. The department has qualified teaching staff with members holding Ph.D. and M.Tech degrees. Engaged in active research, faculty members have contributed to national and international journals and conferences through paper presentations and publications.

The department ensures students have access to top-notch resources, including state-of-the-art laboratories, a well-equipped library, and modern classrooms. These facilities are designed to provide students with both essential knowledge and practical skills. The laboratories are equipped with sophisticated computer systems and software, meeting the academic, research, and consultancy needs.

Dedicated to the overall development of students for challenging careers, the department organizes various activities such as seminars, workshops, conferences, industrial tours, and expert lectures on recent advances and educational technologies. These initiatives aim to keep students abreast of industry trends and emerging technologies.

Since its inception, the department has produced a significant number of graduates who have gone on to achieve success in renowned industries and research organizations. The department maintains strong ties with its alumni, who actively support it in various ways. Regular alumni interactions are organized to inspire current students and foster a sense of community.

The department goes beyond academic curriculum, providing additional training to students in domain-specific skills crucial for campus recruitment, making them industry-ready. Simultaneously, it offers skill development training to faculty and staff, ensuring they stay abreast of evolving industry demands and changing trends in software research.

The Computer Science Engineering department is committed to providing a holistic educational experience, nurturing not only academic excellence but also practical skills and industry relevance. Through a combination of qualified faculty, cutting-edge facilities, and proactive student and alumni engagement, the department strives to prepare students for successful and impactful careers in the dynamic field of computer science.

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