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This is the day we graduated, with lots

Vision, Mission & Objectives


To evolve as a Premier Engineering Institution in the Country with its continues strive for excellence in Education, Research and Technological Services.


  •  To generate the community of highly learned students with greater acquirement of knowledge and to apply it professionally with due consideration for ecological, economic and ethical issues.

  •  To provide knowledge-based technological services at the best satisfaction of society and for the industrial needs.

  •  To foster the research and disseminate research findings.

  •  To build in capabilities for advancing education, technology, values, management and research at international standards.


  •  To establish renowned engineering institution of global standards with Indian Ethos that can meet all the aspirations of the people of this region and country.

  •  To provide professional expertise and conductive environment for learning for the students.

  •  Contribute to the knowledge community and well-being of the society and thereby contribute to the overall growth of the country.

  •  Train the students as per the needs of the industry and society.

  • Knowledge transfer through R & D Center to maintain tie ups with reputed academic and research organizations.

  • To create a platform for the understanding between the academia and industry.

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