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UC Berkeley Orientation Session

Business Model Creation Leveraging Open Innovation

A project based practicum on data analytics & artificial intelligence.

A programme on Business Model Creation Leveraging Open Innovation commenced on 05 Sep 2022. The programme is conducted by Haas Business School (popularly known as BerkeleyHaas) of the University of California, Berkeley, a university that produced most Nobel Laureates on the planet. BerkeleyHaas is world renowned for the initiatives under open innovation as it draws learners, investors, mentors and collaborators from world's leading organizations from various nations.

Dr. Solomon Darwin is the Programme Director and Ms. Swadha Arora is the Programme Coordinator. The first session today went well with the introduction of the professors and mentors. The classes have officially commenced on a very positive note. This is the only programme of its kind in India by UC Berkeley.

Sh. K. V. V. Satyanarayana Raju, Chairman and Er. K. Sasi Kiran Varma, Vice Chairman, GIET Institutions are taking special interest in the smooth running of this prestigious programme. They were kind to extend all logistic and financial support for the benefit of participating students.

Dr. T. V. Prasad, Director of GIET Institutions gave a brief about the student diversity and introduced the institution to the mentors. Batch of 100 students participated in the event covering 59 engineering, 9 management and 32 pharmacy students. The programme will end on 15 Dec 2022 when Dr. Darwin along with a few leading CEOs/CTOs and mentors will personally attend the presentations from the group of students, and finally award the certificates.

It was pleasing to have Dr. Arding Hsu (former President & CEO of Siemens Technology, USA), Mr. Srikanth Nandiraju (Director of Engineering, Experian, India and former PayPal Head of Engg., USA), Dr. Alan Walker (Vice President Marketing & Development, Kaneka, USA), Dr. Santokh Badesha (Distinguished Science, Xerox Corp and holder of 255 patents), Dr.  Pradeep Iyer (former Director, Avery Dennison, USA), and Dr. Surendra Chawla (former Sr. Director at Goodyear Tire & Rubber). Each of the mentors shared their many decades' journey of life and described briefly on how innovation is taking centre stage in everyone's life and not just in academics and industry.

Dr. Adriana, Director at Haas Business School, Ms. Racheal Caloza, Mr. Micheal, Ms. Ritu Jha, Editor, Indica News also briefed about the innovation programme of BerkeleyHaas.

Dr. Darwin deeply appreciated the efforts of GIET Institutions in organizing this programme at an extremely short notice.

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